Founded in Austin, Texas in 2013, Those Damn Eyes’ music is a unique and distinct brew of hard rock influenced by jazz, post-hardcore, prog, and classical.  Drawing on iconic vocalists and bands like Ann Wilson, Deftones, Grace Slick, At The Drive In, and Janis Joplin, TDE is a rising music brand to be reckoned with.

Led by front-woman Meredith Williams and guitarist Daniel Corder, Those Damn Eyes has fresh, imaginative material bursting with beautifully sung melodies and finely-crafted musical arrangements.

Last year saw the release of the band’s EP “Too Far To Turn Back Now” in February along with three corresponding music videos “Give & Take”, “Lasting Cause”, and “In A Flash”.  TDE went on a live-performance spree, performing locally and making tour runs through Texas and up into Tennessee.  TDE also opened for Dorothy and played a Tash Sultana aftershow, performing to substantial crowds at each event. 

At the beginning of summer ’18 the band published two cover music videos; stripped-down vocal and piano versions of “Where’s My Love” by Syml and “Warning” by Incubus.

Since late December 2018 Those Damn Eyes has been publishing and exploring different musical realms.  The style of the band’s new film-score type instrumental collaborations – with Austin violinist Niamh Fahy – originated from piano and violin parts in the songs “Liam” and “In A Flash”.  Utilizing uniquely sampled vinyl-intros, additional inspiration came from the musical works of Bernard Herrmann (Psycho) and Elmer Bernstein (The Great Escape).

This year in 2019, Those Damn Eyes entered the world of sync-licensing with exclusive catalogue submissions to Discovery Network, Netflix, ETV! Network, NASCAR Productions, MTV, and USA Network.  As the furnace continues to burn hot in the creative department, Those Damn Eyes has plans for a new full-band release in the fall of 2019.
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